Where will Social Security be Under Trump vs. Clinton

Will Social Security Run Out?

According to AARP, Social Security faces a significant revenue shortfall that, while still a number of years away, would result in a nearly 25 percent, across-the-board benefits cut for all Social Security recipients if left unaddressed. “Opinions on who won [the second] Presidential debate will vary but who lost is clear: the millions of American voters who want to understand how the candidates would keep Social Security strong for future generations,” said John Hishta, AARP senior vice president, campaigns, following last Sunday’s debate. A battleground AARP survey of boomer women found 71 percent want the next president and Congress to address Social Security immediately, and more than two-thirds have heard nothing about the candidates’ plans.

According to studies of registered voters, concerns about the future of Social Security is one of the most mentioned concerns.


Here at retirement next, we could agree more. Social Security, unfortunately, will be the number one source of income for most retirees.


A 65 year old white male a has better than a 40% chance of licing to age 85, and for a woman that chanc increased to over 50%!


“How will I survive in retirement?” is a familiar lament of the aging baby boomers, so it is no wonder that Social Security is a major concern.


Clinton has addressed the issue, but only in very general, pandering terms:
“I won’t cut social security…I’ll defend it, and I’ll expand it” No specifics on how she will do that, however. Judging from all the corruptness we have seen from Clinton, It is more likely she will see how she can profit from it or help friends of the Clinton Foundation.
Trump, on the other hand, claims he will clean up the waste, the fraud and abuse.”


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