What Bicycle to Choose


Biking in your retirement – What bicycle to choose

Biking is an excellent, go at your own pace, fully involved (mind and body) exercise and is perfect for retirees.  Biking hits on so many cylinders:  it can be a social or a solitary event, can get you into the fresh air and sun,  and biking in your retirement will exercise your heart, your muscles, and get you out of the house. As a future or current retiree,  biking is second only to plain old walking.   Biking also is easy on the joints AND feet. Those of us with foot problems will find biking much less troublesome.


Ten reasons to Bike:

  1. Biking gets you out of the house and into the neighborhood.
  2. Biking is easy on all your joints, your feet, your knees and of d course your hips.
  3. The choices of your “ride” or the type of bike you can own are endless (scroll down).
  4. Biking can be as social as you want it to be.
  5. Biking is something you will look forward to.
  6. You can use your bicycle instead of your car for short errands.
  7. You are never too old to learn to bike, and once you do learn, you will have that skill for ever!
  8. Biking lowers blood pressure.
  9. You can join a bike club…or not.
  10. You can explore and see things you can’t from a car, and go further that you could by walking.
  11. And here is a bonus..there are a wide variety of bicycle fashions– ( and hence gift ideas for your biking partner!)

Choosing the right bicycle for you is a major decision – and a very important one. According to some experts, choose the wrong bike and you will not enjoy yourself, and who needs one more thing cluttering your garage?

Here are the most common types of  bicycles to choose from: (You can click the emboldened description to learn more abut each bike.)


Road Bike







Road Bike            Road bikes are designed primarily for speed and distance but are not suited for off-road or rough terrain. Most retirees will find them a bu it uncomfortable.



Mountain Bike









Mountain Bikes                A Mountain bike is made to go off road and rough terrain. They also provide superior comfort on the road ( compared to a road bike)

hybrid bicycles.








Hybrid Bicycles  Also called a crossover is a blend of mountain and road and is a very versatile bike. This is the number on choice for driving around the neighborhood in an upright position.


Cruise Bicycles







Cruise Bikes         Often seen at the beach and from rental shops at the park, they are easy to get on and off and off but not my choice for a regular bike, but are okay for occasional use.

step though bicycle







Step Through Bikes  or  EZ Boarding Bike  Great for older retirees, these bikes give the best comfort and are simple to use. But I you want that plus ease of getting on choose the EZ boarding



adult tricycle 






Adult Tricyle        Of course these are not really bicycles, but are very popular with retired folks. They offer a stable ride, but don’t plan on rising them very far.


One last word – DO NOT  GET ON A BIKE WITH OUT A HELMET. Most serious injuries that happen on a bicycle are head injuries.

Not to worry though, there are stylish models to choose from.  ( Bicycle helmets)


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