Want to live longer? Here are ten tips to help you.

Have a Routine


Have a Routine

People that have and stick to a routine live longer happier lives in retirement. This is both a physical and mental thing. The body and the mind benefit from stable environments. And  let’s face it, you can habitualize  anything – but try to get in the habit with the things that are good for your body and mind. Want to live longer? A walk every day, a glass of wine every night, a ten minute walk before breakfast, poker with the boys every Thursday – all these things are good.  The fact that an event becomes a routine may be more important than the event. Routines have a calming, stress relieving effect that is good for you and your longevity. One of the reasons we like coming home from a trip, for example, is to come home and get “back in to our routine”.


Quit Smoking

There is no up side to smoking

Don’t smoke

Smoking s not only going to shorten your life, it’s making your skin, your teeth and your hair, your eyes and your body unhealthy – not to mention your lungs and your heart.  Food tastes better, and you will sleep sounder and longer, if you quit smoking. Smokers also tend to get less exercise and be less active – and activity is important to your health and activity. And what about the cost of smoking?  Much of what we write about in www.retirementnext.com comes down to affording retirement. SMOKING is expensive -not just the cost of the cigarettes, but the additional medical costs and cleaning costs. Want to live longer? Quit smoking.

Care for Someone

Studies show that Retirees that have a spouse or a pet live longer.  (I have both!)  If you don’t have either, you are hurting your longevity.  It is helpful for your well being and longevity to be caring for some one else.  If we are by ourselves most our thinking as we age is  inward, and having a loved one or some one else to care for gives us a purpose that is both uplifting and age defying.  It is so often that we see a longtime  married couple pass away within months of each other – its no wonder – they were the reason each of them got up in the morning.  Want to live longer? Make sure you find your reason. You will not only live longer you will be happier and healthier.

Get a Passion

Greet life with gusto

Get a Passion

It is easy to wake up every morning and have a spring in your step if you develop a passion for something. Want to live longer? Greet life with gusto and anticipation, and you will live longer! If you don’t have a passion, go look for it. No kidding, if you have nothing else, get a passion for the search for passion if you have to. Passion may not be easy to find, but when you do, you will almost not know you found it you will get immersed in your passion. Be it volunteering, collecting, writing, dancing, or the arts. Your retirement may be the time to re-invent yourself and find your true passion – or passions! Want to live longer? Get  passionate!

Everything in Moderation

Don’t over indulge

Everything in Moderation

Whether it is exercise or drinking, food, or dance; those that don’t over indulge will live longer. Over eating is the biggest indulgence that we as Americans have that shortens our lives. Eat less –  live longer, pretty simple. But don’t be afraid to eat or drink, just do it with moderation.  Those of us with obsessive personalities (I call myself an immersion guy) have a hard time with moderation, we like to go in with both feet and in all the way. If you want to live longer, learn to moderate

Action Beats In-Action

Action Beats In-Action

Choose Action

Turn off the TV and go a out and do something. Socialize, shop, walk, play cards, its not as important what it is but that you get up and out. Studies show that active seniors live longer, have less aches and pains, better circulation, eat better, and will socialize more.

When in doubt, do something!

Protect Your Self from The Sun

Protect yourself from the sun

Get Less Sun

Yes it feels good, yes you want to tan, and yes I know you retired to Florida to be in the sun, but…. the facts is: too much sun will shorten your life. The sun will prematurely age of your skin, causing a leathery appearance and wrinkles.  Sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. More than 90 percent of skin cancers appear on sun-exposed areas of the body. Do you want to live longer?

Go out in the sun, but wear a hat and sunscreen; and cover up well.

Get Social

Want to live longer?  Meet and greet and be around other people. The more you can activate your mind, your social skills and your sense of community, the longer and happier you will live. Socially connected people have shortened recovery time from diseases, get sick less often and suffer from less depression. People that join and participate in a group live longer more satisfying lives.  I’m not talking Facebook social, I mean real face time social.

Want to Live Longer – Eat Fresh!

Eat Fresh – Eat Raw

For fifty years the Hypocrates Institute  has been promoting health and disease prevention with a fresh food, raw diet. Many believe as Hippocrates preached: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  The road to good healthy eating is paved with fresh vegetables and fruit, not red meats, processed foods, and sugars. You want to live a longer  life? Eat right!

In fact eating fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of some cancers, and hypertension, they provide quick energy, help the digestive system, and rich in anti-oxidants.

Live Longer with Excersise

Live Longer with Excersise


Exercise helps the heart,  the brain, the muscles and your attitude.  You can reduce stress, stay healthier, and sleep better. Your body will fight disease better, you will live longer, and your attitude will be more positive. In fact, you will be more apt to follow the steps to longevity above if you exercise on a regular basis. Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life. You will live longer!


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