Use Uber Yet? You should


Gail and I spent a week in New York City last month. I attended the Digital Footprint conference to learn more about how to build this website.  Before we left I downloaded the UBER app to my iPhone, I’m not a foreigner to technology and always enjoy the latest stuff. Over the next few days we became UBER lovers, below are the reasons why….

Here are some of my key reasons to like UBER:

  1. Friendly – Without exception all our drivers were happy to answer questions and discuss the relative differences between UBER and taxis. Most all of our drivers were former taxi drivers or Limo Drivers. They also said that most Uber riders were a better class of rider.
  2. Security – We felt good about knowing the name of who was going to pick us up, we could even see his picture (and he could see our picture) as well as the type of car.
  3. Easy to Use – We were little nervous ordering our first trip, but the system is quite simple to use. You can actually track the progress of your driver as he approaches your pick up location. Twice our Uber drivers called us to tell us he was on the way.
  4. Convenient – Unlike a taxi driver, an Uber driver will pick us up right at our door.
  5. Paying was easy – When I downloaded the app I loaded my creditt card information. When the ride was over, the app would tell me what I owed and ask me how I wanted to pay. I didn’t need any cash, I could choose to pay right off the Uber application.
  6. Cost – If it was a premium time of night and there were not many Uber drivers in the area, the app would tell me that there was a premium charge.  (Normally a percentage above normal – say 15%)  I could tell the app to alert me when the premium disappeared. I always chose this option and I was always notified that the premium prcing was dropped in less than ten minutes. Uber pricing is competitive with Taxi rides and service is generally better.
  7. Record Keeping – My Uber app keeps track of all the trips I took, the pick and drop off address and the costs.
  8. Ratings – I can rate my Uber driver and my driver rates me. This is important to remember – both the Uber Driver and the Uber Rider can choose not to use someone with a lower rating.
  9. Quality – Uber has a standard of  vehicle quality that we were always pleased with.
  10. Cool.  Using app is just plain cool!

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