Where to Retire

Do you need to leave your hometown?

Many people dream of moving to a new location in retirement. When you are no longer tied to your job you can finally take off for a warmer climate, pursue your hobbies, or simply move closer to your grandchildren. Selecting a place to retire requires a great deal of thought and planning. Moving to a lower cost locale than where you live now can give your nest egg a much needed boost. If you think part-time work might be a part of your retirement years, consider places where the economy is growing and the unemployment rate is low. Make sure that any place you move to has quality health care facilities in case you need them. The ideal retirement spot should also have all the recreational activities you’ve been longing for including golf courses, a few lakes for fishing, and plenty of outdoor trails. Our Best Places to Retire lists can help you find an idyllic locale on the water, tucked away in the mountains, or deep in wine country. We have also tracked down towns that are especially green, educated, and historical. Keep dreaming about how you would like to spend your retirement years. We will help you find a place that fits all your retirement lifestyle needs and your budget.

I know you were hoping for a list of cities, and when it comes to retirement planning certainly a location and where to retire should be at the top of the list. But how do you choose?

What exactly are the criteria when choosing your retirement location? DO you know where to retire for the best conditions?  How do you pick there city where to retire?

Here are some guidelines:

Cost of living.
Assuming you are going to leave your current home because its too big, too expensive or some combination thereof, then lowering your housing costs should be one of the goals for your retirement plan.


This, after all is said and done, is what life is about and if you move someplace where no one will every visit you, any costs saving will be eaten up by travel “back home” from your retirement home. The good news is that family LOVES to come to Florida and other warm climate locales. Better plan on a guest room at least if you retire to Florida.


In your retirement you will need easy access to transpiration. Airports, good highways, and public transportation may become a necessity. In the macro – make sure you can g fly in and out. In the micro, make sure you can easily get to shopping and medical services
As we age, we will need healthcare in our retirement. Make sure you choose your retirement home in an area that can handle your medical needs.
For most of us, the warmer climates are a draw. As we near retirement age we get less tolerant of the frigid temperatures up north. But those of you that can afford it may decide on two homes, one in the tropics and one up in the mountains for the cooler summers.
Stuff to do
I know curling up with a good book may sound like how you want to retire, but after a while you are going to want some more action. Whether its going to plays, out to restaurants, sports, boating, fishing or other activities, make sure you have all your bases covered.

Social Life

If you retire to an urban center and are surrounded by upwardly mobile professionals in their mid 30’s, you may have a trouble adjusting. So check out the potential to hang out with other like minded souls for both you and your spouse.


Most of us are going to want to work or volunteer during our retirement. Will your chosen new retirement town offer you all you want regarding jobs and active volunteer work?

What other items are on YOUR list as you are looking at places to go to retire? What is at the top of YOUR list?


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