Ten Things Buyers want in a New Home

The feeling of being rooted and an opportunity to build equity are among what most respondents say made them buy a home.

Home building giant Lennar asked its buyers about what they are looking forward to in their new homes. Respondents to Lennar’s survey said that “one of the best parts of a new home is the pride of ownership. Plus, you’re investing in your future and building equity in your property, not your landlord’s.” Additionally, many newly-minted homeowners look forward to having more space, and the ability to add personal touches to the home they call their own

Owning & building equity

The first thing people mention that they are looking forward to, is actually owning a home that will appreciate in value. One of the best parts of a new home is the pride of ownership.


For storage, for entertaining and for growth.

New neighborhood

A location with people around that are just like you.

Entertainment Place

A place to bring friends, relax in privacy or let the kids and pets run around.

Energy efficient features & latest technology

Saving money and having the ability to have smart home is all the more important.


The ability to make even a tract home your with personal touches important most buyers.


The yard may be small, but it should be personal.


A workout room, community pool, or walking trails – this reducing expenses.

Sense of permanence

My cave, my safe place, and its permanent.


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