Start Moving

In Real Estate (and in life)- You Can’t Steer Unless You are Moving. Start Moving

In Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan, New Jersey, I took Drivers Education class from Ed Kohler. Ed was one of the gym teachers and also a driver’s education teacher. I do remember a few lessons from those 30 minute drives around Old Tappan, with two other students in the car. Back then driving around while the rest of the world was in school was cool all by itself. My eager anticipation of getting my driver license and my first car did not keep me from learning, however; and I remember Mr. Kohler telling me to NEVER turn the steering wheel unless the car was moving. First of all, it was harder to turn the steering wheel when the car was at a standstill, and secondly, doing so would wear out the rubber on the tires more quickly. What he never said was that you can’t really steer anyway unless you are moving, you can only turn the wheel.

Many people figuratively turn the wheel back and forth without actually going anywhere.

What IF I went that way?”,

What IF I bought a home now?”,

“What IF I buy my retirement house now?”

It has always been my practice to take a few steps on a path before I can determine if the path is the one I want to follow. I have never suffered from classic “analysis paralysis” although I see it all the time in agents and clients alike.

There are many steps you can take up a path that are not commitments.  Taking steps on a path is not like jumping off a cliff. You can’t return to the cliff after you jump, but you can reverse or change direction on a path.

I know a lot about buying diamonds. But I did not always.  Years ago Gail and I went to Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida.  Instead of just walking along the expensive shops and gawking at the expensive jewelry we decided to shop for a three to four caret diamond.  Take note that I said shop, not buy.  We started at one end of Worth and made it into about four jewelry stores, and in each one I told the jeweler that Gail and I were contemplating the purchase of a large diamond solitaire ring. By the time we broke for lunch we had a great education about diamonds. We did everything that we had to do to purchase a new ring except actually write the check.  On the way home we stopped and shopped for a new BMW.  I joked when we came back home to Fort Myers that we saved over $150,000 dollars that day. We never did buy a new diamond, but took a walk down a path that was a no risk path and easy to divert from

If you are trying to decide to buy a retirement home you have many decisions to make. Where to buy your retirement home? How much to spend on your retirement home? How but should your retirement home be?

But if you are not moving, you can’t steer. And you certainly are not moving from your lazy boy chair.

If you are thinking of buying a retirement home in Florida, go look for one. Rent one. Go out and meet other people that have already bought one.  Start moving.

Want to buy a foreclosed property, fix it up and rent it? Do you want real estate as part of your portfolio? Get out and start looking at possible acquisitions. Pick an area, a price range, set your goals. Start moving.

Thinking of selling or listing your home? What are you doing about it?  Set up meetings with experienced top real estate agents. Shop your competition. Go to open houses in your neighborhood..  Start moving.

Have you ever been indecisive about something? You really don’t know what you want to do?  My advice is to try going down each of the paths until a commitment has to be made (The Cliff).

You have to be moving  – even to turn around and go the other way.


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