Smartest Tips on Retirement – Don’t miss this list!

Lessons on Retirement

Lesson One: Happiness in later life is not a direct function of how much money somebody has.

Lesson Two: Wealth comes from choices people make, not chances they take.

Lesson Three: Those who plan also prosper.

Lesson Four: Don’t wait to start saving.

Lesson Five: Retirement belongs to those who are still with us.

Lesson Six: The quality of your life is shaped by the quality of the people in your life.

Lesson Seven: We older folks could learn some common sense from high school students.

Lesson Eight: Active trumps lazy, every time.

Lesson Nine: Smart people do not wait around for “real life” to start.

Lesson Ten: The very best investment you can ever make does not cost a dime.

From Ten Retirement Lessons from the Smartest People I Know – Paul Merriman

Top ten tips on retirement

There should be no surprises in the above list.. You are probably smiling now – a smile of recognition – as in “I know that”.
But are you living it? Probably not

My father was my hero. He was a successful retiree. Heck he did it for 32 years! He didnt have a list of tips, but it sure seems like he did. He was active, he worked on his health, he lived life to the fullest, and hung around positive people

He started saving for retirement by putting change in a jar every day. I remember because I helped him roll the coins to go to the bank. He wasn’t a risk taker, but he chose his paths well. He was a dreamer but my Mom made him keep his feet on the ground

Point seven above (investing not like a poor person but a millionaire) was his secret. He did it slowly and surely, one day at a time.

I wish I was more like my Dad.

Can you add some more tips?


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