Retirement Plan Tips you have not heard before

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Ten Retirement Pan Tips that you need to know.

  1. Focus  On the task at hand, the ball, the next step. Narrow your vision, your efforts, and narrow down your to do list. Write down all the things that you need toTraffic Sign "New Life vs. Old Life" do to get your retirement plan in order. Go away for a day and come back to that list.  Now narrow THAT list down to the top 20 percent.  Then wait a few more days and pare it down again by 80 percent.  Work on those things.
  2. It’s only called work if you would rather be doing something else.     If you are doing something you love you don’t need to retire, but you may still  need a retirement plan so you can slow down, make more time for your family and plan for when you simply can’t earn money any more.  If you spend too much time “working”, reinvent yourself.
  3. Answer the question you want to answer, not the one that is asked.   “When are you going to retire” may not be the right question. The right question may be, “What are you going to do in the next chapter of your life.   Don’t let others drive your discussion, figure out what you how you want to address the retirement plan issue, because it may be an “income plan,” a “vacation plan” or a “buy a retirement house plan”.
  4. Life is about the relationships.     It’s not about retiring, or putting together a retirement plan just financially. It’s about family, social networks, and loving life. Work on relationships, they are what is important, not the money.
  5. If you see it, get it now, from where you are.    Don’t wait for a better position, time or place. This is a wonderful attitude to have, especially as we approach retirement. Don’t wait until the next time you are where are right now
  6. You can’t skip the basics.    There are no short cuts to the goal of a successful retirement plan, but you can redefine what success it (see number 4 above)  Refine your basics and they will become a second nature to you.
  7. Write a list.     Thinking about working on a retirement plan? Start a journal or at the very least make a list, then see number 1 above. Then work on your journal
    Start a Retirement Journal

    Start a Retirement Journal

    every day.

  8. Most people die in bed.    Get out of bed. It’s a very unsafe place.   No great philosophy here. My mom used to tell me just DO IT – but you can’t do it form bed. You need to be moving to steer.
  9. Don’t hate. Just refuse to like.  Hate takes energy away from good things. Indifference takes no effort. Forget about the things you don’t like o and concentrate on the things that you DO like.
  10.  Share.     You will get great satisfaction from helping others with their retirement plans.  It will also help you learn more about yours. And you will build important relationships.



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