Is this the year to buy your retirement home in Florida?

Is this the year you should buy your retirement home in Florida?

There is anecdotal evidence that we are going to have a very busy real estate season in the retirement areas here in Florida. Many of you have already bought, many of you are on the side lines trying to figure out what to do, and some will forever be missing opportunities. Should you buy now? Wait until you retire? Will my home up North still appreciate?

I get it. It’s a tough decision. There are many moving pieces.  Let me share some of my thoughts with you and perhaps give you some push in the right direction – whatever that maybe.

Financial Decision.  Generally prices are going up. The cost to build your retirement home in Florida is going up, the cost of land is going up, and the cost of meeting government regulations are going up. Demand is also going

Housing prices are on the rise in the Souith

Housing prices are on the rise in the Souith

up and more and more baby boomers recover from the last ten years of real estate financial debacle and are again thinking of retirement or looking for their retirement home.

Increased demand increases prices, even on older homes.  But decreased demand up north will have the opposite effect of depressing prices for the home you may need to sell in order to buy here. Increased energy prices, less efficient older homes, and rougher winters up north are decreasing demand for northern homes and increasing demand for energy efficient newer homes in the south.  Trying to sell your home up north may be like trying to catch a falling knife. You keep missing opportunity and the further down you grab it the deeper you get cut.  Money is still relatively cheap. You may thing that because you are going to pay cash for your home here that the interest rates don’t affect you in buying your future retirement home. But remember that the interest rates effect all costs that make up that home.

My conclusion from a financial perspective is that selling most homes up north should happen sooner than later – and the same goes with your purchase of your future retirement home in Florida. (Read my getting on the escalator article).  Do it now, not later.

Prices of homes. Are they really going up? Yes. They are.  Will they come down? Not the price new homes – as long as you buy smart. (Be a logical not an emotional buyer, please.)   The prices of functionally obsolete homes will go down unless they are in prime areas and the land value is disproportionally high in relationship to the house. (read about functional obsolescence in real property here) .

You still have to  choose a retirement home in Florida to buy and a location.   Here at www.retirementnext we have many articles to help you. Try: Choosing your retirement house, and Where to retire to.  Do you already  know you want to buy a condo?  Read this retirement condo article. You can also browse for your retirement home in Florida by clicking tabs at the bottom ;  HOUSING for instance.

To me there is a clear buy signal; especially for newer homes, if you can buy in a growing area at a price per square foot that is lower than the cost to build new. This is now the case in Southwest Florida.


To search homes or for your retirement home in Florida, you can visit  or


The other question you have to answer is, “Are YOU ready?” Not just financially, but emotionally.  When my parent first came to Fort Myers to retire, they were the first of the family to make the move. Within five years ALL the relatives that meant anything to them (except us kids) came down. The kids eventually followed.  Are you a trail blazer?  Most people move to where there will be family and friends.

If I can help you find your retirement home in Florida – send me a note or give me a call.  Gregg 239-851-5464

Retire to Florida!

Retire to Florida!


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