Retirement Gifts for Men

Retirement Gifts for Men

As baby boomer men reach the pre-retirement age they become more difficult to buy gifts for. After all, by the time a man hits 60 he probably has had almost everything someone could give him.  You may be surprised, however, what a wide array of retirement gift ideas for men are out there.  Here at we have come up with some retirement gift ideas for men we think will help you make the right expression of thoughtfulness, caring, and love.

The right gift for a man thinking of retirement should be for him, not for laughs at the party. Forget the potty chair, the cane, or the Viagra pills. Men at this age tend to me rather easy to buy for if you approach your gift giving from the right perspective.

Try to stay away from gifts that emphasis age, getting older, and getting weaker, greyer, shorter, and less agile. These are sensitive topics for a man.

Personalized gifts.  These include notepads, handkerchiefs, and embroidered items. They speak of forethought and will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Services. A car detailing, a massage, or a training session at his gym. My son once gave me a shave and a haircut at a cigar/bar/barber. We did it together. It was a great gift that I still enjoy the memory of.

Hobby Items.  If you know your pre-retirement man you should know his hobbies. One of my favorite gift ideas here is a magazine subscription for one of his hobbies. But you can get him accessories, tools, and other supplies for his hobby or sport.

Memory Lane. As men approach their 60’s you will find them enjoying the past as much as the promise of the future. Photo albums, a framed photo of you and him, or perhaps hire an IT guy to organize all his photos on one hard drive for him.

kindleA Kindle.  If he so does have one, or if he does but not the latest, get him a Kindle, and get him a one year subscription to Kindle Unlimited – he will be able to load the Kindle up for the next year.

Music. A man getting ready for retirement may not by up on all the latest ways to enjoy music. Give him the give and enlightening him to how easily he can enjoy. Like we mentioned for photos above, take his CD collection and upload it to one of the many systems now available and get him a good set of headphones.

Entertainment.  Movies, sporting events, concerts, and plays. Get tickets, or season subscriptions.

Health. Tred lightly here, but if you know he will enjoy you can get gym memberships, a great pair of walking shoes, walking shoesa Fitbit, or a personalized water bottle.

Food.  Getting to a man’s heart through his stomach still works. Think monthly mailings of food, treats he would not buy himself, or dinner with you at his favorite restaurant.

Technology. Retirement gifts for men in the technology department are endless. Make his TV smart, his phone charge conveniently, his music

player expand with blue tooth speakers, or get him Amazons new Amazon Echo.


The best gift is that of time. Whenever you can include you in the gift, do so.

Happy gift giving to you and your retirement man!


By the way –  if the picture of the chair on the first page intrigues  you, It is what my wife got me!  Here you go, click this pic:


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