Retire to a Tiny House

As we approach retirement, and the kids have been gone a long time now, heck even the grand kids are getting older, we start to think of down sizing. So if the idea of down sizing is good, why not take it all the way and move into a Tiny House?

tiny house

You won’t know what you really don’t need when you retire until you move to a tiny house. The Tiny House Movement’s growth is largely among the young and child-free, but it’s gaining momentum among seniors, too; some 40 percent of tiny house owners are over age 50. After all, what better time to downsize, personalize, simplify and save – either alone or by buying a plot with friends and forming a tiny house community? A finished build-it-yourself house averages around $23,000, and plans and kits are available online. To have a house custom built runs around $50,000-$60,000. That’s a few hundred thousand less than a tiny Manhattan apartment and an alternative to a Florida condo.
From Tiny Houses: The Next Big Thing for Seniors? | Senior Planet

I like to say, “it’s not the tent, it’s the camp site”. In other words the “where” part of your tiny house is going to wind up being as important as the house it self. But could you live full time is a house this tiny ? Where do you find one?

Tiny House Listing is One Place to Look – Tiny homes from all over the u US as well as Canada.

Tiny House for US : A Tiny House website that will sell you one you can ship to your area

Tiny House For US

Tiny House Talk: This website that will sell you houses as well as parts to make them

Tiny House For Sale

Once you review the prices on these homes, you realize its a not all about price.  Many of the Tiny House people build and create their own homes. But prices start around $30,000 for already built homes and reach well into the $100,00 for a well appointed and engineered home. Living in a Tiny home, however, is as much about the lifestyle as it is about the house.

Before making the move to a tiny home, explore that world of Tiny Homes –  visit some of the above links and do your research.

There is a wonderful blog about living Tiny at The Tiny Life.


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