Retire on a Cruise Ship?

Could you ? How will assisted compare  if you actually COULD n a cruse ship? Since 2004, costs for cruises and for assisted living have been going up, but comparing average costs to $9,000 a month assisted living fees is misleading and inaccurate.


According to A Place for Mom’s 2012 Cost of Care Survey, the actual average monthly cost of assisted living ranges from $2,500 to $4,600. There’s considerable variation, too, depending on where seniors live and what amenities they need. If your loved one wants a large two-bedroom apartment, for instance, it’s going to cost more, but there are always lower-cost options such as a studio or shared living space. And remember that the cost of living varies widely depending on where in the U.S. you’re located.


Impractical Realities


The logistics of living permanently to retire on a cruise ship seem more than a little impractical. First of all, you can’t bring more much more than a suit case worth of possessions on a cruise. You can forget about packing your favorite sitting chair or a painting. That issue aside, it’s not as if one could just move on to a cruise ship and live happily ever after. Passengers must disembark when the cruise ends, and make arrangements while the ship is at port. Keeping these temporary arrangements month after month would be more than burdensome. Another consideration is that seniors who move to assisted living facilities and nursing homes require help with activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and grooming. Yes, you may be able to get breakfast in bed on a cruise ship or hotel, but the staff are is not prepared or able to help provide hands-on personal care. If you’re willing to look outside of an expensive city or if you live in a state where day-to-day costs aren’t as high, the average monthly assisted living cost is going to be lower, too. Meanwhile, in 2001, Muller’s costs for staying on the QE2 were reportedly about $5,000 per month for a 10×10 windowless cabin. And presumably it’s a bit tricky to get insurance to cover a cruise. As for the Towne Place Suites in Falls Church, VA, though you get free wi-fi for your trouble, the cost is now about $148 a night with a senior discount: almost $4,500 per month. Although other hotels are considerably less expensive – depending, of course, on location – there’s still the fact that most meals aren’t included and you’d be without 24-hour trained senior living personnel.

The article about retiring on a cruise ship points out the harsh realty and makes these stories seem more like urban legend.  Retire on Cruise Shio?  Could You?


Sarah J. Stevenson does a great job in her review.


As exciting as a cruise ship is, a full time with folks that are partying all the time would get old pretty quickly. Can you afford to retire on a cruise ship?


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