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How I lost 25 pounds in 3 months.

I’m a foodie. I love to eat food, cook food, talk about food, plan to eat food, take pictures of food, and while eating a meal I am thinking about how I would make that meal better or differently the next time I eat it.  I would plan my vacation around restaurants and eating.  Sound familiar? I know I am not alone here. I live to eat.  But as I approach retirement, and indeed as I write and do research for on a daily basis, I am more and more determined to live my final few decades in good health, not being cared for by someone else. Before I could make the change in my lifestyle I first had to change my entire attitude.

I have to eat to live, not live to eat; and so do you my friend. But do you want to know the secret?  It’s an attitude.

My attitude changed slowly, yes there were some “ahaa” moments. Perhaps the video below will inspire you and encourage you to change your attitude.

Do you want to retire healthy? You need to make health last.

What will your last 10 years look like?


My attitude changed gradually over the last year.

It shifted a bit when two of my good friends, unknown to each other, spoke of “food as medicine” and their involvement with The Hypocrites Institute in West Palm.
Mike Friedman, my friend from Cleveland, Ohio, was extolling the benefits he receives from his annual week-long visit to the institute as he was stopping by Fort Myers to meet with me about a real estate deal we were working on together. Mike and I have done business together since the Oasis Condo campaign.  I know him to be an intelligent and practical man, when he reviewed the virtues of the Hypocrites diet, I took note. I didn’t change to the diet, mind you, but the now diet had credibility because of my respect for Mike.  Then Sandy Ging, another good friend, happened to mention while she and her husband Tom were visiting here in Fort Myers that she was an instructor on raw food diets. After a few minutes we made the connection to the Hypoctrates Institute, where she goes at least one a year.

Then a few months ago I was showing a real estate investment deal to one of my clients, a natural medicine Physician, and he saw me favoring my arthritic thumb. He asked me about it and suggested I take Tumeric and avoid meat for a while, (see my article about Tumeric here)  We talked later over lunch and I shared my recent conversions with Sandy and Mike and “food as medicine”.

He suggested that is I wanted to retire healthy I read, “Eat to Live” by Joel Furhman.

There is an old saying, “When the pupil is ready, the master will appear”. Well, I read “Eat to Live” a few days after returning back from my annual physical with Dr. John Artesia.  The Doc used terms like “Pre-diabetic”,  “Overweight”, and “High Blood Pressure”.

Eat to LiveI read Fuhrmans Book,  Twice.  The student was finally ready.

I’m not going to go into the details of the diet – read it when you are ready. When you are ready to be the student and live your retirement years in health.

I started the diet two weeks before Gail and I went on vacation. Two months later, I was down 26 pounds and feeling great. My joints don’t ache, I have more energy, and I have set my Goal at losing 65 pounds (When I started the diet I weighed 265 pounds. I’m at 239 pounds today and want to be 225 (I’m six foot four inches tall)


Retire Healthy!

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