Presidential Quiz 2016

who do you side withStill confused about who to support? This presidential quiz will at least tell you which presidential candidate is most aligned with you thinking if not who to vote fo for President in 2016.   After the December 15 debate it’s clear that most of the candidates, with the exception of Rand Paul, will bring us to World War III.  But how do you d feel about this issue and the rest of the hot topics in today’s political circus?

Take the quiz provided by  It is the most thorough questionnaire that retirement next has seen to date. To improve the accuracy of your results, be sure to answer all questions, select the stance that most accurately reflects your beliefs by clicking “choose another stance”, and weight the importance of each issue by clicking the “importance” bar to the left of each question.

My wife and I both took this presidential quiz and were as pleased that the results were identical as we were surprised at the result of the Presidential Quiz.  Whether you are Democrat or Republican, this Presidential Quiz nail down you political leaning. The more time you take and care you give to your answers, the more accurate the result will be.

The Presidential quiz will take only about ten minutes.  (Thanks to the folks for the Presidential quiz. The website was started in March 2012 by two friends with two very different views of politics. They are constantly finding and building new ways to boost voter engagement and education using information, data, and breaking technologies. Visit their site for more information about the Presidential quiz, click below)




Click either the icon below or the picture above to start the quiz.

 Take the Presidential Quiz

Take the Presidential Quiz




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