Presidential Debate Top Issues for Retirees

In Thursdays Presidential Debate Top Issues for Retirees – what are they?

First of all, this Thursday’s debate isn’t a debate, it’s more of a forum in which we get to see the chosen Republican candidates speak publicly about issues.A debate to me is more of an airing of opposing sides to one question; either side arguing for or against a particular stance. How we came to call these forums debates I’m not sure. I’d love to see more of a debate format, at least in subsequent “debates”. But what are the top issues in the Presidential Debate for retirees?

I read a Pew Research Center published paper this past January on the Top Issues for Americans, these top issues are the major concerns for retirees as well (see inset below). I would love to see the debate take just one issue, like terrorism, or the deficit, and make it the sole topic for Thursday’s debate. But if wishes came true I’d still be 40 years old.

Courtesy of Pew Research Center

Note that Immigration is relegated to number 12 on the Pew list, but Trump and the media have brought it to the top of the Americans attention, and you can be sure it will be a much discussed issue in the first Presidential Debate.

There is one topic that should be at the top of the list for Retirees, and it is hidden in this bar chart. Trump and some others like Rand Paul have been discussing it- and that is Problems with Government. I’m wondering if we were to add Money in Politics (Number 20 on the list) and Influence of Lobbyists (Number 18) where the topic would fall.

The Top Five issues where there is a wide margin of difference between retirees and millennials:

(Seniors care much more about these issues than the young folk)

  1. Influence of Lobbyists (I’ll take that one as “Problems with Government”)
  2. Terrorism
  3. Infrastructure (Roads, bridges and transit)
  4. Immigration
  5. Tax Reform

Presidential Debate Top Issues for Retirees – the top five according to PEW:

  1. Terrorism
  2. The Nation’s Economy
  3. Improving the Job Situation (surprising one here)
  4. The Social Security System
  5. Reducing health care costs and improving he health care system were tied for 5.

The above are RetirementNEXT’s comments.

The debate, hosted by FOX news, aired at 9PM August 6, 2015.



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