Can you find your passion in retirement??

Find your passion

You need to find your passion in retirement

As the baby boomer generation near retirement age, the planning emphasis is shifting from not only “Will I have enough money?”, but is beginning to include “What am I going to do with my time?” Realizing that a seniors life on the golf course may not be enough activity to last for ten or even twenty years, the new crop of aging adults is looking for experiences and retirement activities that will be engaging and challenging for a long time to come.

Passion is important in all stages of life, not just in the retirement chapter. I love to have conversations with young people and ask them what their passion is. The ones that can tell me about their passion are often the happiest, no matter their financial status is in life. This is because they have a strong reason to get out of bed in the morning, to live, to laugh and to love.

It may be as difficult for a 14 year old teenager to find his passion as a soon to be retired 63 year old. How do you find your passion? Moving, that’s how. Try, experiment, visit, converse, and get out there. That’s certainly what the 14 year old is doing.

Many retirees never followed their passion, they were too caught up in the ritual of life instead of in the joy of it. Or their passion belonged to someone else – a child, a husband or for a business that does not exist.

Get out and find you passion, but you can’t do it without ACTION. Get up , get out, and get going. Experiment, visit, and join.

When you find it, you will live longer, laugh more often and be happier.


Can you find your  passion in retirement?


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