Make Money in your retirement by Trading Options

Make Money – Real Money – in your retirement – by Trading Options


Six months ago my friend Dennis shared with me that he was getting a newsletter and trying something out to see if he could make a living in he is retirement by trading in the stock market.  I was skeptical.  “I’m only following the advice and instruction in the newsletter that I pay for. I’m trading options.” Reported Dennis.  We had a coupla’ cups of coffee to discuss it.   We have always been good “sounding board” for each other and in fact have some quite a few real estate investments together.  We each y use the other for the role of what I call “ground man”.

I was impressed with what Dennis had to report. HIS friend had been using the newsletter for over 8 months and was making what I thought to be unrealistic returns. In fact unbelievable returns. But Dennis was not easily impressed and could see through a flim flam if there was one.  I was impressed enough to start doing some research. Dennis shared a few of the newsletters with me. I didn’t take any actions but kept immersing myself in what to me as a new concept.

1999-07-12 09.45.56You see Dennis was trading Puts and Calls. He as doing this not to just supplement his retirement income, but other that Social Security this WAS his retirement income. You see, Dennis, like many real estate folks (Me included) lost his fortunes in 2007. He was in full fortune recovery mode.

I got busy over the next few months and didn’t do anything regarding the Put and Call opportunity.  That is until I invited Dennis up to North Carolina to spend a week with us in a home we rented in Murphy.

At the time Dennis was almost five months into his trading and figuratively kicking butt.  He started with $21,000 in a qualified (IRA) account. He did so well there he added another $60,000 into a taxable account. In both these accounts he trades the system from the newsletter. He is now pulling $5000 a month OUT of the taxable account and letting the IRA account grow.

Dennis and I examined his returns and portfolio every which way I know how and I am convinced that this was not an anomaly.  Charitable Remainder Trust for Retirement

33 days ago I swept $25,000 into an account and every week I am following the same system.  Over that time I have only places ½ the money ( The system is  based on time and portfolio diversity). The toughest part for me  is the patience needed ( the waiting for the next buy alert that comes only once a week). I’m an immersion guy (polite for obsessive compulsive). I’m going to test this system until December 31, and then if it continues to go like it did for the firt 33 days, I will make a fuller investment.

(BTW I’m up over $5000)


Who couldn’t use $5000-10,000/month for retirement?


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