Keys to Longevity

Nine Keys to Longevity

According to a study quarterbacked by Dan Buettner and The Blue Zones project, there are five areas of the world, he has dubbed them BLUE ZONES. Over five years he has concluded there are nine common traits in these zones that lead to longevity:

  1. Move Naturally. Find ways to move more. You’ll burn more calories without even thinking about. You will also improve circulation, lower your stress, and feel better.
  2. Purpose. Wake up with a purpose each day. Doing so can add seven ears to your life
  3. Kick Back. Find a stress relieving strategy that works for you. Relieving stress that reverse disease.
  4. Employ the 80 percent rule. Stop eating when you are 80% full.
  5. Eat more plant based food. Put more fruits and vegetables on your plate. Every day.
  6. Wine about it. Enjoy a glass of wine daily with friends.
  7. Belong to a faith based community and attend services regularly.
  8. Put Family First. Investing time with your family can add up to six years to your life.
  9. Socialize. Surround yourself with people who support you and have positive behavior


These nine keys to longevity have been adopted by Healthways, a business dedicated to improving well-being, in its Blue Zones Project. Dan Buettner works with cities and businesses to draw up comprehensive plans (make walking paths in communities, point out tasty and healthy choices in grocery stores, work with restaurants to improve menus, encourage people to have best friends at work). He was recently contracted by the city of Naples, Florida to improve the city’s residents overall health.

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To purhcase  Buettner’s latest book: The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People:




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