Is Sex After Retirement Important?

According to this expert it is….

My 4 Key Tips for a Happier Retirement.   I’ve pored over a broad range of research from economists, academics, social researchers and others who have studied happiness generally — and retirement satisfaction in particular — and synthesized it into these four key tips:

1. Cultivate a circle of friends.

2. Stay active and engaged.

3. Make sure you’re getting enough assured income.

4. Make Sure you get enough SEX

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it would depend, to some, what he means by “sex”.sex after retirement

Assuming your nest egg is large enough , you have cultivated a great circle of friends, you stay active and engaged, and you still have some assured income – I’m certain having a strong and loving relationship with your partner is going to be a great deal easier.

Lets think of points 1 though 3 as foreplay. Is Sex After Retirement Important?  What do you think. Comments please!!

What else do you think is important?



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