Home Security – This May Surprise You!

I had lunch in Cape Coral a few months ago and happened to be sitting with two retired police officers. One of them was a home security consultant, and the topic turned to neighborhood security. With all the news lately about crime and terrorist attacks we ran the gamut from what weapons are best for home defense to the type of lock to put on the door.

I mentioned to the retired police team that I was going to put in an alarmed system for home security. They told  me to go ahead if it made me feel better, but it was a waste of money. What they recommended surprised me: there was unanimous consensus at the table that the most effective burglary deterrent with the biggest bang for the buck for home security is in fact motion sensor lighting. Not alarms – the crooks would  be in and out before the cops arrive.

“Get yourself some LED motion sensor lights, the night time crooks and thieves are looking for easy access and want to be undetected; Light is enemy number one to a burglar.”

Mr BeamsI found some very inexpensive lights on Amazon – called Mr. Beams.  They install very easily, use four D batteries, and  look like a video camera as well as a light. One light I put above the back door and it goes on every night when I take the dog out (dogs – another great home security device!), it does a wonderful job lighting up the entire back yard.  I also put one pointing at the front and side doors.

For security around the home, these lights cannot be beat.



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