Home Security: 10 Tips To Be Safe

Ten ways to improve the Security of your home

Using the following tips will help you lower the chances that your home is at risk and you are victims.

  1. Lock up. Lock your doors and windows and make it a habit to lock them at all times. Install key only lock (Use a key inside and out) especially if your doors have glass inserts. If your garage is connected to your house. Make certain the windows in the garage are locked as well.
  2. Close up. Keep your garage door down unless you are going in and out immediately. Some garage door openers now have a local network connection that you can open or close the door with your phone.  You can also install a timer that will close your door ten minutes after you open it. I installed one from Liftmaster and love it.  My smart phone alerts me whenever the garage door is opened. Also,  keep the walk and drive by burglar from being able to look into your windows. Use drapes or shutters.  (Check Lifemaster Premium Security Kit Here)
  3. Install and hide a safe in a convenient location. This is where you can hide car remotes extra house keys and often used valuables like cash, Don’t hide extra keys anywhere near the door the key opens.  Crooks know where to look ( under mats and flower pots etc). (Check Hidden Safes For Home Here)
  4. Add warning “signs” like a big dog dish, a large dog bone or dog sleeping matt and put a “beware of dog sign” beware of dogsin the front and back of your home.  Whether or not you have an alarm system, get alarm signs.  (Check Warning Items in Amazon)
  5. Put motion sensor lights that look like cameras on all four sides of your house and at every door. ( Read Home Security: This May Surprise You to know more)
  6. Always either cancel the paper and mail delivery or have a neighbor pick them up for you. Make certain he doesn’t pile them on your front porch! IF its winter and it may snow while you’re gone, ask a friend to put car tracks and foot prints in you driveway and walks. If you cancel deliveries, still ask a trusted friend to stop by daily and check for flyers and other things that may telegraph to a potential by burglar that you are not home. (Like a fallen branch across your walkway, or signs of an intruder)
  7. Leave a radio or TV on that can be heard for your front door.
  8. Never ever let open the door to a stranger and don’t let a delivery person in to use the bathroom or the phone.
  9. Eliminate hiding spots or dark areas caused by large bushes around your house. If you can move the bush, put a light behind it.
  10. Don’t be afraid to be rude to strangers on your property.  Our politeness and trusting nature is what often gets us in trouble


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