Grandpa’s Memories

December 25, 2015, Fort Myers, Fl – Grandpa’s Memories

Grandpa' Memories

Grandpa’ Memories

After all the festivities last night and before my 4 1/2 year old grand daughter Kenzie went to bed, I shared with her that when I was a little boy, I liked to walk outside before I went to bed on Christmas Eve, and listen to see if I could hear, and look to see if I could see; Santa Claus coming.

“Would you like to go outside with me?”

She nodded as she put her little hand into mine and wearing a serious expression she walked carefully with me out to the end of the driveway. We turned around and faced the full moon poking through a hazy cloud cover hanging over the back yard and rising just above the rooftop.

“Shhhhhhhh”, I whispered,  “Listen”

We struggled to hear him over the hum of humanity attempting to duplicate a northern like chill in the neighborhood, and for a full 20 seconds we said nothing. Me lost in my childhood memories, she creating her own.

“I think I hear him”, she said in a hushed tone and with a dead serious expression as imagination became reality.

“Look up,” I replied, slowing moving my gaze from her precious face and encouraging her to follow my eyes skyward.

And just then a Christmas Eve plane was heading into Fort Myers international airport, but all we could see were headlights creeping their way through the foggy sky just ahead of the full moon, with lights blinking to either side.

Kenzie took one look at that and bolted out of my hand and ran up the steps to the porch, threw open the front door, ran up the stairs yelling to her mom, “he’s coming he’s coming!!”

In thirty seconds she was in bed, eyes shut tight, feigning sleep.


Thanks sweetie, more Memories for me, new ones for you.

Merry Christmas folks!

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