Top 10 Genealogy Websites

Top ten Genealogy Websites

Of all the activities that are popular in retirement, Genealogy is the number one retirement hobby. Retirees have been exploring Genealogy Websites to help fulfill a yearning to be connected to their past, to touch their ancestors, and to become more familiar with the culture of their grandparents. In retirement they finally have the time to do the research and then do something about it – like travel to their ancestral homes.

I met a gentleman whose ancestors came from the Ukraine. Years ago he researched his lineage and then traveled to the country. He is fortunate enough to speak and read the language. He now runs a thriving business taking two to three week tours with approximately two dozen clients three to four times a year back to the Ukraine. “These clients want to see the villages that their grandparents came from, to walk down the  same street and them, to eat the food, and to experience the culture”, offer Jarvis Kosowa of

My wife Gail and I took a trip to the fountainhead of the Fous family in the Czech Republic about five years ago (my story here) on a similar mission. To this date it is still one of our favorite vacations.

Genealogy Websites

Yes,  genealogy is not just about building a family tree – it’s about travel, the food, the culture and reconnecting with the past.

To start, here is a list of the top ten genealogy websites for you to explore.

Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015

  1. PAY
  2. Family Search FREE
  3. Find A Grave FREE
  4. PAY
  5. PAY
  6. PAY
  7. GenealNET FREE
  8. PAY
  9. PAY
  10. Find My Past PAY

Source: Genealogy In Time Magazine


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