For safety when you travel, heed this advice

Safety First – Finish what you are doing, where you are, and do it now.

safety first

The retired gentleman and his wife get off the plane amid anxious travelers and que up to go through customs.  The couple makes it through customs and get in another line to exchange dollars for the local currency. There are three people in front of him and six behind him. He is balancing one shoulder bag with his carry on and one bag on wheels. His wife is behind him chatting excitedly about their new adventure.  He gets out his wallet, places five hundred dollars for exchange to pesos, is busy shushing his wife, doing math in his head and trying to remember his rudimentary Spanish. The clerk counts out the pesos, asking him for his passport, that he already put back in his carry one bag, and is asking him to sign a receipt. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Some scene like this plays out all over the word, a zillion times a day.

It is in this situation that most people are robbed, drop money, lose something, or misplace something. How many time have you walked a few dozen paces from g getting a ticket or receipt only to find you’ve lost it? All too many.

Here is a safety tip that it you will do well to remember: STOP, NEVER RUSH JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE BREHIND YOU. Put your money away before you leave the counter, I don’t care how many people you think you are holding up. Button your purse or your wallet, take mental and physical inventory, and above all DO NOT RUSH.

I can’t tell you how many times I see people turn away from a cashier with money loosely hanging from their hand, cell phone to their ear, and wallet tucked under their arms, and kicking their bag along the floor, only to give the guy behind them  place at the cashiers desk.

Then oops – no money or passport…..

To me this is travel and Safety tip NUMBER ONE.




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