Five things you should know when you want to sell your home

sell your home

Want to sell your home? Here are five things you need to know:

  1. Most people shop on the internet first, so when you choose your Realtor to sell your home make certain that they provide the following:
  • Give your home showcased listing position on This is THE MOST SEARCHED site on the internet for real estate. You want to ensure that your home gets top placement.
  • Give your home an easy Map Search like THIS.
  • Push your property information to dozens of well known web sites like Yahoo, Zillow, and Trulia. Ask you prospective selling agent for a listing that they already have, then look for it on a few of those sites.
  1. Ask what kind of lead capture system your agent has for these prospective buyers that do find you house on the internet. How will your agent know that someone was looking at your house? How do they follow up with them? Most good agencies supply their agents with a sophisticated lead capture system and follow up with phone calls and drip email campaigns.
  2. List your home with an agency that has volumes of buyers, these come from having many listings. Look to the agency for this, not just the agent.
  3. Ask what the specialty is of anyone you’re considering when looking for someone to sell your home. Are they a buyer agent or a listing agent? Do they focus on one segment of the market? Focus is one of the most important things in this business. An agent cannot be everything to everybody. A good agent should be able to tell you what houses are selling for in your market, whether “your market” is your neighborhood or golf course homes.
  4. Don’t go with the agent that polished the apple for you. Get an honest evaluation, and price the home to sell within your objectives. If you interview three agents and two have a price for $340,000 and one tells you $400,000, you may be looking at a polished apple.



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