Finally time to learn the piano!

piano in retirement

Music – Your own music – will soothe your soul!

By Dan Maynard

You start a new life after retirement and could consider piano lessons a part of it. After all, this is when you finally have time to learn the piano. Though people spend years planning their lives before retirement, they don’t plan enough for their life after retirement. Your life after retirement can be the best time of your life because you are finally free of all the responsibilities and have free time to pursue your passion and interests. Some people take up piano lessons after retirement as it may be something they have always wanted to do in life.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few….but much too few to mention…” If you stated reading this to a tune, maybe you SHOULD take up music in retirement … plus you will never have to regret not doing it!

Dan Maynard makes some good points in this article about taking up the piano in retirement – is only to open up a whole new world of music for you.

Key points:

1. When you are retired you will finally have the time
2. It’s something you can do alone or with friends
3. Learning can be very inexpensive



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