Dating after retirement – how to get started

Dating after retirement

Here are some tips to get you started back into the dating after retirement:

  1. Start with old friends. Look them up and visit. Facebook is a good place to look.
  2. Try new things, new clubs, new interests.
  3. Online dating services now cater to all kinds of special interest ages, and geography. Explore, with caution.
  4. Listen to people, you will meet more people by listening than talking.
  5. Prepare conversation starters, then shut up.
  6. Enough about your kids.
  7. And enough about your ex.

One of my good friends is a urologist. At a recent conference of his peers here in Florida, they discussed that sexually transmitted diseases among Floridians over the age of 65 is in epidemic proportions. Most of these people started dating after retirement.  The Villages in Florida have more STD’s per capita than any other area in Florida. It may appear that a blog about how to date in retirement may be like preaching to the Choir – but I caution  you to sill practice safe sex!


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