Collect Canes?

caen collecting

Why not collect canes?  After all, you may need one someday.

When most people these days think of an antique cane or walking stick, they picture a crooked crutch in the hand of a feeble old man, who’s shaking it at some bothersome young whippersnappers unlucky enough to have crossed his path. But between 1550 and 1930, canes were simply an accessory that a proper lady or gentleman would never leave the house without. They weren’t intended to be used as much as worn. And worn they were, by historical figures and fictional characters alike, from Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi to any number of Fred Astaire characters and James Bond.

I started collecting canes about 15 years ago. My wife like to go antiquing and she is rally a browser. Me? I like to hunt. I needed something to hunt for while she browsed. If you take me shopping I get bored. If you take me hunting, my instincts kick in and I’m ready to spend hours on the prowl.

It didn’t hurt that I had ankle surgery (a full ankle replacement), and I thought I might use a cane some day. I still don’t, but I do collect canes now. Eventually, when I retire, I’ll take some of the 100 or so canes out of storage and start to trade them. Now I cycle them though umbrella stand by the front door.

Walking sticks are generally classified into three categories: folk art canes, city sticks and gadget or systems canes.
Check out the article above to get you started!

What do you collect that enable the hunter (YOU) to survive with a browser (YOUR SPOUSE)?


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