Carly Fiorina on Social Security and Other issues

carly on Social SecurityMy wife Gail recorded last night’s “Happy Hour Debate”. We watched it just prior to the main event. Om so glad I did. I had read about Carly Fiorina and was prepared to like her, but I was suprised an how much I liked her after hearing her in that debate and then again verbally sparring with News Pundit Chris Mathews. Carly Fiorina is one to watch.

In 2008 she was an adviser to John McCain and while there found it hard to contain her opinions about not only Sarah Palin, but her own boss, Senator McCain. In 2010 she entered politics herself and ran for the California Senatorial Seat held by Barbara Boxer. She missed by a narrow margin and now, at the age of 60, has her eyes set on the presidency. Carly’s father Joseph Tyree Sneed III worked at Deputy Attorney General under President Nixon, so she may have had more exposure to the political world than her long corporate executive experience would suggest.

From Carly’s Website:

Carly started out as a secretary for a small real estate business. She typed, filed paperwork and answered the phone. Eventually she would become a leader in technology, business and charity.

In just fifteen years Carly went from an entry-level employee to leading AT&T’s spin-off of Lucent Technologies and, later, Lucent’s North American operations.

In 1999, Hewlett-Packard recognized the tremendous challenges facing their company and asked Carly to be their new chief executive. As CEO of HP, she was the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business.

Since leaving HP, Carly has focused on giving back. She has served in a large number of advisory and policy-making positions for national and state governments. She has also led a number of charities and nonprofits, serving as the Chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation, which annually hosts CPAC; the Chairman of the world’s largest product philanthropy organization; and the Chairman of a Christian faith-based organization that helps lift millions out of poverty worldwide.

Where does Carly Fiorina sit on the issues?

Photo by Brian Snyder/ Reuters

Photo by Brian Snyder Reuters

She believes in reducing the government regulations and, eh, SIZE of the government, she opposed the stimulus program in 2009, and like most republicans she is against raising the minimum wage.  Important to for retirement age folks, she opposes the estate tax as well as capital gains taxes for those that want to invest in small businesses. She opposes reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank and would end subsidizing oil producers.

She supports the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (Federal Version), on immigration – she is generally against major reform but believes the Federal Government is failing at it already appointed responsibilities. She does support the Dream Act (amnesty for young illegal immigrants). On abortion she is personally pro-life, but is rather political (read waffling) about that position based on her actions. She supported federal funding of stem cell research and has supported pro-choice. She was for a House measure that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks and opposes taxpayer funding of abortions.

  • She has called for an appeal of Obamacare
  • Is against Common Core in Education, but has advocated increased federal involvement in education
  • Is against gun control
  • Is against taxation on the internet
  • Carly Fiorina on Social Security  has said she would not agree to increasing the retirement age until the waste in the system was cleaned up
  • Wants the tax code simplified
  • Is against the Iran deal
  • She thinks we should arm the Kurds

I liked what I saw last night from Carly Fiorina and am looking forward to seeing more of her in this campaign.



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