Brexit, Brits View

I received this well written ans insightful  comment from a good friend born in the UK.  This was written by Tricia’s brother Jeremy O’Connor. I think it is worth sharing with you.


Here’s what I think about the EU situation.
First, in case anyone is wondering where I’m coming from on this, I voted Remain, but only just. I have been bothered to understand the EU ever since Maastricht and was one of those who Maastrichttroubled to read the treaty. I was not impressed then and never have been since. But I decided that the experts were probably expert.
However, we know the result of the referendum and we are, as the irritating saying goes, where we are.
Unfortunately, we are being typically British about the situation. We are wringing our hands, regretting our actions and hoping we can say sorry and go back to where we were the other day. The EU leaders and negotiators absolutely know this; they understand the British culture very well and would like us at the table ASAP, so that we can beg to come back and end up sitting on the step of the EU. I imagine the first thing to go would be the Rebate, so we would end up paying more in and getting less.
So, we need to wait.

Get a Grip and Carry On

Get a Grip and Carry On

Really. It’s part of the negotiation. In fact it would be really smart to start some independent trade talks elsewhere; that would give us power to our elbow.
In the main though, we have to pull that other British trait out of the cupboard; the ability to Get a Grip and Get On.
Who should lead? Well IMHO, when we have faced profoundly important matters (Scotland, EU), the mainstream political parties have stepped back and we have coalesced around the For and Against position. I don’t think any party has a clear vision for the UK right now, nor for its relationship with the EU.
I Can imagine 2 new parties: ‘Britain in Europe’ and ‘Global Britain’. Party 1 hankers to be a Norway, snuggled right in with the EU – and Party 2 wants to be close friends with the EU, Asia, The Americas, the Middle East, Africa and ROW.
Both would be OK, relevant and good for the UK.
I want to be in Party 2. Either way, I would like us to build a really positive vision for a GREAT Britain, that causes the Scots, the Northern Irish and the Londoners and every one else to really want to be part of a One Nation that can do business with everyone.

Brexit , from a Brits View.


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