Joe Biden is Strong on Social Security

Joe Biden scores high on Senior issues:

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his associates have begun to actively explore a possible presidential campaign, which would upend the Democratic field and deliver a direct threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton, several people who have spoken to Mr. Biden or his closest advisers say.

Run Joe! Run!

Joe Biden, often hailed as every man’s man, is rumored to be strongly contemplating getting in the race now that Hillary Clinton is having so many troubles. Joe, still reeling over the tragic death of his son, has not only kept out of the lime light, he has kept his mouth shut.

But Biden’s advisers have  been reaching out to the democratic party leader testing the climate for a run. Joe Biden is strong on Social Security and has been a favorite of the democratic baby boomers now looking retirement straight in the face.

But should Joe just retire now? I don’t think he will – after all, he loves what he does, why leave? Joe has been meeting with major donors at his residence and watching the rest of the field battle it out.

Joe Biden, now 72, seems to love the taste of his own foot to in his mouth – and there is no doubt that his campaign would make good late night talk show fodder. But in realty the Democratic Presidential candidate pool is rather shallow.

What do you think? Will he run?


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