Become an Uber Driver in Retirement

Gail and I sat down at the Sushi bar to have a drink and a happy hour snack. Gail and I are both pre-retirement age and sitting two stools away from us at the “a” position at any bar: The Corner, was a carefully groomed man with a smile and a plate of sashimi.

“How’s it Going?”, he quizzed

Gail and I stared small talk with our new acquaintance “Ben” and quickly found out he was an Uber Driver.  If you ever have taken an Uber you know that talking about Uber s is something that all drivers love to do. But this was the first time we got a chance to talk to an Uber driver that was not working.

Turns out Ben was a recent Widower. His wife of 40 years a passed about six months ago.

“I got lonely and needed something to do’” offered Ben.  “And I love to get out and meet people, I could always use the extra money, and I absolutely love it! It keeps me busy. I work when I want to and I turn the Uber app off , like now, while I am grabbing a snack.  (Ben was not drinking) .

What a perfect thing for a single retired person to do!  I loved the idea.

woman carHow much do Uber Drivers earn? According to Uber, the average Uber driver salary is around $90,000 per year. Now that’s including the maintenance cost of the car, insurance, toll fees, fuel, and other driver expenses. Once all that is accounted for, $90,000 doesn’t sound like a lot. However, this is how much Uber drivers make in the United States. According to a reporter for BuzzFeed, Johana Bhuiyan, who did a survey on what the drivers earn: “drivers netted hourly wages of $15.22, $21.17, $27.54, $32.90, $36.88, $37.12, and $38.25 — not including one-time referral or sign-up bonuses or one-time deductions. They worked between 5.78 and 42.65 hours per week. Overall, their combined hourly wage during this time was $31.61 ( Her full article is here).

Are there Rules for becoming an Uber Driver? To become an Uber-X driver you must:

  1. Have a four door Sedan that seats 4 or more passengers excluding the driver
  2. The car must be 2001 or newer
  3. In state license tags
  4. No marked, taxi, or salvaged cars
  5. Pass an Uber Inspection
  6. The automobile must be currently registered, but does not have to be in your name
  7. You must be 21 or older
  8. With three years driving experience minimum in your state
  9. In state car insurance in your name
  10. In state drivers license
  11. Clean Driving record and pass a background check (no Dui, no criminal, etc.)

Apart from the money, as a retiree, being an Uber Driver gets you out, you get to meet and socialize with people, and get a  feeling of belonging and worth.

Interested GO TO UBER!


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