Ten Indications that DO NOT mean you have Alzheimer’s


You don’t necessarily have Alzheimer’s when:

  1. You forget someone’s name immediately after you were introduced.. This happens to EVERYONE.
  2. Forgetting an old friends name as well.  Well, this happened to all us too.
  3. Remembering something today that you forget to do yesterday. The fact that you eventually remembered is positive.
  4. You caught your own mistakes. Again, the fact that you catch them is a good sign.
  5. You lose your car in a parking lot.  If it happens every time you may have a problem. once in a while… no worries.
  6. Changing enthusiasm for a meeting you usually like to go to. Losing interest in hobbies or a social life is a hallmark of the disease. But wanting to chill alone every so often is, well, human. Take care not to make it a habit though. Isolating yourself socially is also a red flag for depression, something caregivers are definitely at risk for.
  7. Losing your keys again. To misplace things is normal. To finally find the keys in the refrigerator or the trash, on the other hand, is possible Alzheimer’s.
  8. You find yourself repeating your stories to the annoyance of your spouse. Over time, husband and wives get used to hearing the same jokes or stories, as long as its not to the same person on the same day, don’t fret about it.
  9. Being surprised at how you look in the mirror. Not a problem. More worrisome: still thinking, after a moment’s pause, that the person staring back from the mirror is someone else.
  10. You forget an appointment, or arrive on the wrong day. Big goof, but still. Blame stress, multi-tasking, or maybe needing a better planner.


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